Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Return from Private Ecosystem

After several days in Pine Plains I have crash landed back in the city. I'm developing a bad farmer tan, my eyes itch from exhaust or pollen or both and I am wiped out from power gardening. The garden keeps getting larger and will probably be out of control soon. Meanwhile I must find a new studio mate, as Martin is moving into my space, his old space is available - and it is fabulous... Instead of dealing with that issue I keep thinking about the excellent tree frog that was clinging to our glass door the other night, 3 feet away from Mortician and Satan, our resident bats and 5 feet away from the Phoebe's nest. It's a whole wild kingdom right under the eaves. Hummingbirds came by on Saturday after the turkeys and a lovely scarlet tanager shopped the bird feeder in the afternoon. As you can see wildlife has kept me from timely posts here on the Horn. 

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Anonymous said...

No bobcats? ...mountain lions?