Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Inbox Dust Bunny

I have been thinking about how to communicate with my "people" for a long time. At first I imagined doing web based newsletters from Brilliant Surface and Eve Ashcraft Studio, but that seemed like an email dust bunny blowing into an already spam burdened inbox, destined to be unseen, unwanted and deleted. Not good and potentially annoying. Hence, Studio Horn. This way I can sound my horn, so to speak, and reach like-minded souls. 

I have an unusual work life/life life that swirls together, making it difficult to define. Some right brain, some left brain, occasional heavy lifting, color picking, surface making, part time chain saw operator, wildlife stalker, furniture builder, cat whisperer, dog walker, art student, design snob. 45 years of experimental career and life shaping. Studio Horn will document and share this collision. 

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