Wednesday, March 26, 2008

RISD Students Saved from Tyranny of Beige

I recently had the opportunity to work with Nader Tehrani and Remon Alberts of OfficeDa and Brian Janes at the Rhode Island School of Design to develop a color plan for student housing at 15 Westminster Street, Providence, RI. The current hallways resemble bland hospital corridors and not the hot/hip art school that the students attend. Antidepressants came to mind. 

I figured that the students could handle a bit of stimulation and set to designing a color plan that overrode the bland institutional architecture and created a vital spacial dynamic. Pale gray is used to locate all non-public/service zones, while more vibrant colors are used to locate student housing, recycling rooms, project rooms, lounges, laundry and elevators. Panels of chalkboard paint are located at several intersections in the hallways to encourage communication. All paint specified is by Benjamin Moore & Co. Small plaques with color names and numbers will appear on all wall color panels to assist with maintenance and provide information about the colors and materials used to transform the space.

RISD has not implemented the new scheme as of this post, but plans to paint during the summer break. Beige's days are numbered.

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