Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cat Tree House

I built this cat tree house for our cats, Jack and Ginger. I felt that they would enjoy a perch to hang out in, above our two dogs, Hank and Mack. 
The starting point of this project was an old flea market stair steppy bookshelf. Then, using only wood from the basement scrap pile or the outdoor log pile, I cobbled together this kitty sized rustic modern lair. The roof and stairs are decked out with slim gray carpet, for plushness and traction. Meals and refreshments are served daily on the rooftop. The interior is furnished with a perfectly sized plush mat. Kitties have taken up immediate residence and have enforced the "feline only" policy since day one. Materials include: walnut, cedar, bamboo, carpet, iron nails, logs and cat hair.

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