Friday, April 4, 2008

Christopher Peacock Paint Arrives

I had the pleasure of working with Christopher Peacock on his paint line this past year. Christopher is best known for his bespoke cabinetry, which has always been beautifully hand painted. So the logical leap to designing a paint line was right in step with his sensibility. Working with Christopher and the manufacturer I spent a few months editing, sorting, reviewing, redoing and organizing colors until we all felt like the palette really spoke to Christopher's distinct and elegant relationship with color. Christopher Peacock Paint is available through their website. It's LEED certified, which means it won't harm you or the environment, and it is made from extremely high quality materials, making it durable, washable and very long lasting. I am happy to have been an integral part of the development of this new product and hope it is a smashing success. Cheers Christopher!


Martin Raffone said...

Congrats on this fantastic project!

Anonymous said...

No products are LEED certified. LEED does not certify products, only buildings which meet the criteria set forth by the USGBC. Products can contribute to a LEED credit, but a single product can not get you a point. Greenwash is everywhere!